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What are your fitness goals? What is helping or preventing you from accomplishing them?
Okay, so i have really weird fitness goals. I am extremely weird/sensitive about my weight. I really want to loose weight, and gain muscle. I have belly/moob fat that i want to get rid of. It would PROBABLY be called something like untrained muscle or some shit, because if i was to work out  a lot it would be muscle hands down... but w.e it's still FAT to me.

Something that prevents me? Well everything. THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. && I don't have someone on my ass to make me do it. I kinda am a procrastinator... so yeah. If i was to actually work out daily - like i've tried - and run and stuff, i would have the body i would want [or i hope i would]. I think the main reason i don't work out is because i'm scared  that when i DO work out and stuff my body won't be even CLOSE to what i want it to be like...

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So the other day a storm rolled in, and before the storm even hit my power [and my whole town's for that matter] went out. My first reaction was "Oh Shit! I didn't save my game!". and my second was to get my trusty-handy-dandy-pump-it-flashlight. I then preceded to try and reset the power thing in my shed, only to be greeted by the storm after two steps out my backdoor. I wasn't happy, to say the least, however i still tried to get some power. After finding out the power in the city was out i got some candles and pulled out my cellular phone. I first texted Leah, to show my anger about the power outage. I then called my friend Noelle to tell her about the storm, to give her a heads up. Of course she couldn't hear anything, so i hung up. The storm passed pretty soon, and after sitting in my house with some of the spookiest feelings i've felt in a long time, and some of the weirdest flame movements, leah headed over to my house.

She didn't stay long, and left as soon as Heather and Noelle came over. We then began to find candles and light them so that we could see once it got dark out. After lighting all the candles we got comfy and started playing card games, which we almost always do.

After aobut 3 hours of no power, the power came back on. However, me and my friends were pretty comfy the way we were. So we turned off all the lights and continued our power-less party. We turned a fan on, because it got very hot wit all the candles on.

We kept all the lights and stuff off almost all night, we only turned them on to get some food in our empty stomachs. My friend Wendy arrived around 10, and we turned the lights on so we could see a little better. We ended up going outside to play hide and seek, so we didn't have any lights on then either.

We came back inside and played hide and seek in the house, again - no power.

My mom was coming home, so i decided to play a prank and turn all the power off in the house and go back to just candles.

All in all, the night was great. I think people should take the time every now and then and set aside all of their technology, light up a few candles and read a book or play some board/card games with your friends.

I think i would like to make this a little annual green party.

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a lot of stuff has been happening, some good some bad.

Well Leah has her boy toy [not really] Nick Blender down from where ever he lives until tuesday [awh, he's so nice i don't want him to leave :O] and it's fun to chill with them, mainly because it's funny to see how like shy he is, and how like extroverted leah is. It's weird how friendship can happen in weird ways - mainly over the internet. My favorite quote from them was leah saying "Omg, it's so weird actually meeting him in person" ALSO - he is gay for a week - lol. Sorry, but i find that hilarious.

Also, two of my friends Heather and Noelle have recently really just been PISSING me off. Like, they make plans and don't involve me ALL the time - the only plans i'm involved with the two of them are ones either i make up - or that mandi invites me to. Like when i'm over just randomly it's always MANDI that invites me to do things. ie "tj, why don't you sleep over and come to the beach with us tomorrow?" "Tj, why don't you play tennis with us [note: this still hasn't happened]". I feel like i'm just a stand-in for DJ. I'm only allowed to be around them when HE isn't. It's like they are like "Oh, DJ has plans today - let's see if TJ want's to do something." Like wtf. And as soon as i CALL them out on this they act like i'm insane. wtf.

Another note; I've been increasingly bored out of my mind, and it's starting to like hurt. I litterally have RUN OUT OF THINGS TO DO. Besides playing this online game, which has become boring, i've really just run out of things to do. No one talks to me on AIM and the only people that do sometimes invite me places are leah and heather. The friday night youth groups have been cancelled lately [or have been so DUMB that no one goes] so my fridays have been really shitty. And the only reason i've been invited over leah's lately, atleast in my opinion, is for two reasons. A) she doesn't wants poor nick to only experience one person [her] in his trip to NJ and B) she's incredibly bored also.

In addition; I looked up my Xanga the other day, and it was weird. I only had like two people i knew as subscriptions, and then some random people. I creeped on all of them, and the last posts were like 2 years ago... i wonder if they moved to here? Well i doubt DJ & Jenn did - they are mad lazy. Lol. Ugh, i wish i had like the power to just beable to watch things no matter where they are. Like a mini-tv in my head that i can tune to anyone's life. It'd be amusing. I could either watch my friends lives unfold, or like do the random channel surfing [which would be amazingly amusing if i got like a family fight for something].

Even morely in addition; i love card games :O

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Have you ever read someone's private writings (journal, diary, email, letters, etc.) without their permission?
Hmmm, well i guess if Xanga/LJ counts yes.

Back when i was like 40x creepier [i know, isn't that amazing that i could be even creepier than i am now!] i went and searched for this kids Xanga, found it within a couple seconds [i'm amazinngg] and read the entire thing, which was like 10 posts... they all weren't very interesting so i was like "BLEH" and found out he had ANOTHER xanga, but i can't find it =[

I still look now and again, but w.e...

i don't really read people's emails/letters, well i kinda read notes :O

A couple of my friends leave all their notes to/from people in like little boxes in their rooms, and when i'm bored at their house [and they aren't around] i read through them. Also i read my friends ex's love letters, which i guess i didn't have HIS permission.


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I'm tired of people being fucking pricks.

My 'BESTFRIEND' called me at 2:30am this morning to tell me not to come over today because she would be too tired, and that i should just go home instead, also that i shouldn't be mad that she's dropping our plans [which included me WALKING to her house] because it 'isn't her fault that she is going to be tired'. WHO'S FAULT IS IT THAN? Did someone fucking hold a gun to her head and tell her she has to stay up or she will die? No. She decided that on her own.

So i call her after school, leaving a voicemail for her to call me when she wakes up.

And i just find out that not only did she listen to my voicemail and not call me back, but she is going to hang out with DJ. SHE DROPPED THE PLANS I MADE WITH HER, telling me she was 'too tired' and makes new plans?

Fuck her. Fuck her up the fucking ass with a fucking twenty foot flaming fucking dildo. I'm tired of being ditched for that fucking ASSHOLE. I am nice as hell to him, and keep my comments to myself. I watch my tongue so he isn't upset when his prude fucking ears hear my jokes. And this is how i'm repayed? And heather get's upset when i call her dumb or stupid, yea well i only say what the fuck is on my mind. I stopped, i call her silly or something instead - and this is how she treats me?

Fuck them both, you know what - fuck them all. I'm done with this, it's fucking bullshit that i'm always the one excluded, and the fact that they TRY and pull it over on me like i won't figure it out pisses me off even more.



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Why do you think teenagers are involved in more car crashes than any other age group?
Well it's pretty simple really. Teenagers [from ALL of the past generations] have less experience than older people, and because of that they are easily scared when things happen. Older people tend to drive fast, and tail gate, people - which can confuse and scare the teenage driver. This could result in them loosing control of their car. Usually the crashes are not completely the teenagers fault. It's not JUST teens that speak on the phone and text while driving, to tell the truth most of the teenagers i drive with don't text or touch their phone while driving [unless they are at a red light] I think teenagers are actually a bit safer, since they are afraid to go to fast or do to many daring things.

I do agree that the teenagers these days are more prone to it because of all the easy access to drugs, making them DIU and such. Also, these days there are a LOT more people driving and that makes more car accidents. You can't just blame the teenagers, you have to think of everything that is happening also.

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Do you seek attention or hide from it?
All depends on the situation.

If i'm out with friends, i thrive from a little attention. I don't mind people staring at me while i walk around like a dumb ass...

But most of the time i try to kind of blend in with others.

I do absolutely love getting a little attention now and then though, like when a teacher points out how well i do or something... or from a kid a like or something.


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Do you ever do anything now that you swore you would never do when you were younger? What is it?
Grow armpit hair.

Rofl, i swore i wouldn't. I find it unnattractive. However, shaving it would be a pain in the as...


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So i'm just kind of sick of like everything. Like fml. Nothing is going right. And i got fingered by an effing old guy today. Like he put his finger in my ass. Srsly. Kill me. I hate doctors.

I was also told that i may have like 5 dif diseases and/or parasites in my stomach. GREAT.

And like, i've lost half my friends, and i can't get a job.

I'm completely obsessed with someone who is not only so far out of my league it's funny, but that has no interest in even being my friend, and is only somewhat nice to me because if he isn't nice he will be thought of as a complete prick.

I really just wish i was never born, so many people would be better off.
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Okay, so in light of recent events i'm completely confused. Like, srsly i don't know what i should do.

Okay, so the kid i like [and have liked for almost 3 years] has been a dick to me for the past few months, but i ALWAYS catch him looking at me when i quickly turn to look at someone near him. It's weird... But at the volleyballathon he was being really nice to me, and i know he recently "came out" to a few close friends. So i don't know if this new kindness just happens to be him getting over the past, which i doubt, or if he is finally just showing that he does like me, which i doubt even more. It's completely confusing. And i know if i try to figure it out, it'll just make things worse. Like, what can i say? "Oh hay ____! So uhm, what's going on between us?" Like, everytime i have done that [three times now?] he just says something along the lines of "i'm sorry for holding stupid things against you, i promis i won't do it again, i can now see you're actually a good person, and know when to be serious." Okay, and than after that nothing happens to our friendship [if you can even call it that], and then he starts being a dick again.

Srsly, men are such cock munchers. D:
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